Triles Scenes from Thunderstruck (if you wanna skip out all the other bits) 


i thought i liked taylor swift and then i realised i didn’t

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if you don’t love matthew goode - you’re wrong

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ew i’m actually getting emotionally invested in degrassi stuff - i didn’t sign up for this


Last night Degrassi fans, myself included, tuned in for the season 13 finale. Personally, I went to bed more confused and pissed off than anticipating the new season and I know I wasn’t the only person left feeling this way.


We’re all aware that Degrassi discusses the many problems that…

Well yeah because you’re straight you don’t really get a say because I have a friend who I believed to be straight and she herself thought s he was straight as she’d only been attracted to guys but then she met this who all of a sudden she couldn’t stop thinking about, who made her extremely happy even though she never imagined in her life that she would ever date a girl, now that to you may seem completely and utterly random but she didn’t choose to fall in love with a girl when she had only dated guys it just happened.

So yeah this shit happens and I doubt it’s all about shock value because a lot of people on tumblr weren’t that shocked really cause they saw it coming. They saw how happy Miles looked whenever he was with Tristan, so how can you be surprised that Tristan makes Miles “feel good”.

People don’t choose who you like, people don’t choose their sexuality and degrassi showing this on TV to educate people who don’t realise that people who may identify as heterosexual can end up developing feelings for people of the same gender even if it does seem out of the blue because with me and my friend it did seem out of the blue but I didn’t go up to her and say “Are you dating that girl for shock value?”. As that would be kind of stupid.

So even if Miles ends up being bisexual or not, which I think he will because of the TEEN NICK recap, people need to stop acting that people are questioning their sexualities at times when to you it may seem out the blue. So maybe people in general need to take that in to consideration.

Sorry if the tone was rude but it annoys me that this is what almost everyone says. 


Okay I’m sorry but for everyone saying miles is the first bi/pans exalted character you are wrong I dont know if you’ve heard of a girl called IMOGEN !!!!!!!!!!

i think it’s cause he’s the first main male character and people forget to put that in

someone needs to upload all the triles scenes



i really need someones help rn, does anyone know where i can watch the degrassi season finale? i cant watch it because im in wales and i cant find a website with it on

here i its the official mtv canada website, i live in England and it worked for me, but just beware they have 30 second adverts in between but its good quality. hope this helps